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Corral Liquors

No one has liver or time enough to drink all the beers offered at Corral Liquors in Granite City, but many a native of this brew town would like to die trying. Corral sells more than 400 brands of microbrewery and imported beers at its Granite City store, which is next door to Gitcho's Gas and Cars. The other Corral Liquor stores were spun off several years ago, but the Granite City location remains the biggest and best after 30 years on Nameoki Road. Not only is this Corral Liquors one of the few places you can buy Czechvar beer, the original beer from Budweis in the Czech Republic, it also has a wide selection of the current biggest buzz in beer: Belgian beer. One hot seller is Duvel (duvel is Flemish for "the devil"). Despite the number and variety of micro and imported beers, hard liquor still accounts for most of the store's revenues. "It takes a whole lot of Budweiser to make up one bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label," says Corral's Joe Billhartz of the $200-a-bottle Scotch.
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