Best Beer Selection in a Bar

International Tap House

International Tap House has more than 500 beers in stock, with 40 on tap. If that's not a big enough selection, you might want to look into your treatment options. Aside from a few wines, beer's all they do at iTAP. The selection is rife with imports and American craft brews of every ilk that change based on seasonality and availability. If you want food, bring it from one of the nearby restaurants, because iTAP has no kitchen. That would distract from the beer. Binders filled with in-depth descriptions of each beer circulate through the large room. The staff's helpful and willing to share their vast beer knowledge. Is the Boulevard Tank 7 Saison as hoppy as an IPA? They can tell you, and they'll understand what you mean if you proclaim that the beer's finish tastes of underripe mango. Not that you have to be a beer geek. iTAP's cheat sheet makes it easy for the novice. Are you a Bud drinker? There's a list of alternatives in the binder. If you say you like Bud Light Lime, they'll recommend beers that might appeal to your palate (instead of laughing at you). They also offer "paddles" — a sample of five beers — for $14. Want to take the fun home? Not a problem: iTAP sells all its bottled beers straight from the cooler for carryout at prices similar to other retail outlets.

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