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Llywelyn's Pub

You can only drink one beer at a time—unfortunately—and (on a good night) only a half-dozen or so will cascade into your belly. To ensure that your body purrs like a kitten when you start it up, it's important to go with the high-grade material, which is available in copious quantities at Llywelyn's Pub. Though they've recently opened in Soulard, have another spot in Webster Groves and are preparing to open their first location in Kansas City, we adore the original Llywelyn's, which arrived in the Central West End 30 years ago. Being a Welsh pub, Llywelyn's concentrates on British fare, which is fine with us, because we enjoy drinking Smithwick's, Double Dragon, Harp, Bass and three kinds of Fuller ales—sometimes all on the same night. They also offer Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlafly Pale Ale and a few others on draft. Now if you'll excuse us, we're in need of a beer.
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