Best Beer Selection in a Bar

The Tin Can Tavern & Grille

The typical Best Beer Selection in a Bar nod goes toward the obscurely international (Sprunt, Latvia's finest lager) or the most micro of microbrews (Professor Turgle's Olde Tyme Chunky Browne Ale). At the Tin Can, you don't learn about new beers so much as realize how many brews are already in your head: These are beers you have nicknames for. Served in their aluminum birthday suits -- and at about a quarter the price of your typical Chunky Browne -- you can sip a Bud, a PBR, a Natty Light, an Oil Can, a Green Wasp or any of the other 50 canned beers. For the rarefied palate, there's Young's Double Chocolate and Belhaven. For the insane, Camo malt liquor. And for the fruity? Zima Cherry for the fruity. We dare you to try them all.
Readers' Choice: Blueberry Hill
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