Best Beer Selection in a Bar

Growlers Pub

Founding Father and colonial party dude Benjamin Franklin said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." The best manifestation of His love is Growlers' tally of a divine 132 brews. The British beer empire is well represented, but so are less-obvious locations, from Kenya to China. Growlers' drink menu -- which also serves as a Scotch and cigar primer -- is a dozen pages long. But quantity alone does not a Best-of make. If the menu seems intimidating, ask for some guidance. Each of-age staff member has working knowledge of at least half of the brews, as part of Growlers' ongoing training program. Whether you prefer drinking motor oil or something a bit lighter, these folks can help you every sip of the way. Even the most loyal A-B consumer has incentives to get adventurous: Six generous samples from the thirty-plus draught selection are a steal at $8. Engraved beer mugs are awarded to patrons who have tried each and every selection, and they are refilled at a discounted rate (the mugs, not the patrons...well, actually, when you come to think of it, the patrons too). The drink menu changes twice yearly; those who have circumnavigated the beer globe three times are invited to help the staff determine the next quaff crop. It's not an impossible feat, this trying each and every beer. One patron at the Sunset Hills location has done it twenty times. We'll drink to that, buddy!
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