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Scott Carey

Scott Carey, owner of Sump Coffee, has a beard with gravitas, and he wears it authoritatively. Sure, there are plenty of long beards in this town. There are profuse ones and neatly groomed ones, but this is a beard that rivals any in history. It's a biblical beard. It's the Platonic ideal of beard, of which all others are mere copies. Not a hair on this majestic chin mane is out of place. Carey started growing his beard when he was building out the space for Sump and has had it since he opened in December of 2011, although it was much smaller then. Sometimes he trims inches from it, but he says it's still the length of a full-size iPad. Does it take a lot of maintenance? "I have to comb it after a shower. I also hit it with beard-specific oils. Outside of that, the beard is easy, the mustache is the princess," Carey says. If he prepped or served food, he would have to cover or contain it, but luckily coffee service alone doesn't require this, so STL's finest beard is always on display at Sump.

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