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Tower Tee

Sometimes, when we're all tuckered out from newspapering, we allow our finely honed journalistic mind to wander to What We Want to Be When We Grow Up. Near the top of our list: Batting Cage Proprietor. And we know precisely the sort of batting cage we want to propriet. It will exude a laid-back vibe. It will be conscientiously tended and maintained. It will be open for long hours during the summer months. It will feature a plethora of arc and velocity options, up to and including 90 mph. It will be equipped with a snow-cone machine. And it will not be anywhere near the St. Louis metropolitan area. Because St. Louis already has Tower Tee, operated by Dave Swatek, our inspiration. Our mentor, if you will. In short, our goal is to be the Dave Swatek of Someplace Else. (For the record, Batting Cage Proprietor is actually our fallback career choice. Our top pick is Reasonably Independently Wealthy Vagabond. Integral to this plan is a vintage Airstream trailer, so that we may convey ourselves hither and yon and be at home wherever we go. And by "wherever we go," we mean "just give us a Daily Racing Form and a short commute to, say, Saratoga, Del Mar, Gulfstream or the Fair Grounds, and we're golden.")

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