Best Batting Cage

Tower Tee

Oh, so you're that guy. The one who makes himself feel like he's the man by showing off, hitting a ball so much farther than little kids. We know you. You're so into your hitting skills that you scouted out all the batting cages in the area — and decided that Tower Tee's thirteen armed machines are the best. We could tell you about the machines' history, how they used to be made of wood and the springs of junked-out cars, with speed topping out at 65 mph — but you already know that. You also know that, on Wednesdays, Tower Tee lets you swing away at 90 mph fastballs. You know everything about this place, Big Guy Ahead of Us in Line at Tower Tee. But only we know that you're about to step in a wad of gum, and we're not going to warn you. Take a swing at that.

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