Best Batting Cage

Arizona Action Park

Here at the RFT, we are great at putting out a newspaper. We get awards for it and everything. But this summer we learned that we are not so great at winning softball games. Sure, there were a few shining moments at the plate and some stellar catches in the field, but a terrific team we were not. But we definitely would have socked away a few more W's if we'd put in some time in the batting cage at Concord Lanes' Arizona Action Park. This place is sweet! You get twenty pitches for a buck — that's a lot of slow-pitch-softball practice for not a lot of cash. If you spend $5, your sixth token is free. Talk about value: That's 120 strikes! The cage is spacious, too, which provides hitters with a feel for those homers they're bound to hit after just a little training. If you're not a participant in your company's coed slow-pitch league, the Action Park offers nine baseball-pitching machines featuring various speeds, plus one fast-pitch softball cage — you know, for the real players.
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