Best Bassist

Kenny Snarzyk

Playing bass in an apocalyptic doom-metal band like Fister is akin to playing lead guitar in DragonForce. It's the dominating musical presence, the vehicle that drives the machine, and Kenny Snarzyk handles Fister like he's hauling a tank down South Grand. He speaks the language perfectly, with focused, deliberate lines that show shades of Sunn O)))'s incomprehensibly low, down-tuned blasts and Black Sabbath's bass-as-guitar role play. Best of all, his amp-stacking tone sounds like demons growling for freedom from the underworld. There are many bassists more technically proficient than Snarzyk — one need look no further than a local tech-metal group or a collegiate jazz ensemble — but few are as meditative in their restraint. Kenny Snarzyk understands that it ain't easy being evil.

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