Best Basketball Court

Humboldt Middle School

If you're a six-foot-five-inch stud who can dunk like LeBron, shoot treys like Kobe and pass like Steve Nash, you've got several places to show off your baller abilities. The outdoor courts near the Heights in Richmond Heights, the playground in Fairground Park and the bustling blacktop next to the 12th and Park Recreation Center all feature extremely competitive games and topnotch athletes. But if you're a mere mortal who misses layups, chucks up airballs from the free-throw line and only plays with your equally inept buddies as a fun way to get exercise, you're going to want something a little more low-key. Humboldt, an abandoned middle school on the south side of Soulard, is the perfect spot. There are two baskets and backboards in decent condition, and the court is fenced in by chainlink to keep all those errant shots from rolling into the street. The only downside is that the hoops don't face each other, so full-court games aren't an option. Then again, it's not like some pro scout is going to stop by and wonder about your ability to run the floor; the half-court setup is probably for the best.

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