Best Basketball Court

The Center of Clayton

Casting an admiring gaze upon the freshly waxed and polished parquet floors, Clayton's parks and recreation director, Patty DeForrest, exclaims, "Oh yes, we love our basketball courts." And they have every right to. This place is a palace for hoopsters, whether you prefer full- or half-court action. With 24 hoops in an enormous gymnasium, you'd be hard-pressed not to be able get in a game. What's more, the hoops are adjustable — so if you want to feel like Wilt Chamberlain, you can lower the basket to eight feet and dunk to your heart's content. Yep, we've come a long way since the "Father of Basketball," James Naismith, attached peach baskets to balconies at the opposite ends of a gym in Springfield, Massachusetts.
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