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Lift for Life Academy Parking Lot

There are two hoops in the Lift for Life Academy parking lot in Soulard, but they're laid out back to back, preventing full-court action. The avid hooper must also overlook the fact that the parking lot is sloped slightly, which means that the rim you're shooting at will fluctuate from nine to eleven feet depending upon where you are on the pavement. But no matter: What elevates Lift for Life's hoops is the fact that they're located adjacent to an outpost of Labor Ready, which means a steady supply of friendly combatants ready to challenge your doughy ass to a game of 21. These aren't the sort of ballers who call charges and over-the-back fouls, so pack a mouth guard to go with those knee-high socks, brother. If it's a hard, full-court run you seek against the area's elite, head to Fairgrounds Park on Natural Bridge Road west of North Grand Boulevard. But chances are you're not that good.
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