Best Bartender

Nate Kromat, The Scottish Arms

The Scottish Arms boasts the most expansive and impressive collection of whiskey in Missouri, but it all would be for naught without the expert, the mixologist, the innovator, the person who takes the whiskey and delivers it to the people with a special acuity. At Scottish Arms, that person is Nate Kromat. After recently arriving from Sanctuaria, Kromat has employed his love of concocting unique libations to rework the cocktail menu, crafting a tight, sharp list. But the guy can also extemporaneously whip up a drink to fit your mood, plus explain all the subtle nuances that contribute to the final product. Not to mention the guy often dons a full-on kilt and sports what surely must be one of the finest beards in all of St. Louis. He just looks the part (rumor has it that a new drink, "The Brilliantly Bearded Man," will serve as a homage). Kromat's careful attention to detail combined with a laid-back, welcoming personality fits in seamlessly with the rustic mellowness of the Scottish Arms. We advise grabbing a seat at the bar and ordering whatever the hell Kromat suggests.

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