Best Bartender

Adam Lough

You don't go to Brennan's for designer cocktails, and you don't go for a blurry stream of canned domestics and shots of paint-thinner-flavored brown liquor. The former cigar bar (you can still get that in the private lounge upstairs or the now-adjacent tobacconist) is a perfect middle ground, the one truly comfortable neighborhood bar in the generally aggressive Central West End scene. And at the heart of it is Adam Lough, there most nights and the single biggest contributor to the warm atmosphere of the place. If you came to make friends, he'll make the right introductions, and if you didn't, he'll leave you alone. He's equally capable on a night with two people sipping top-shelf Scotch as he is on a Friday with flavored-vodka mixed drinks flying across the bar en masse. Lough is also a frequent competitor and crowd favorite in the weekly debates hosted in Brennan's basement, and his wit is as useful there as it is in drafting the conversation-starting slogans he puts on the wall upstairs.

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