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34 Club

We'll just come out and say it: When we grow up, we want to be Anita at the 34 Club. On Friday nights, Anita Andell treats this venerable Central West End institution like her own living room, casually dispensing beer and mixed drinks along with wisecracks and advice. She may not be a genius mixologist like Ted Kilgore at nearby Taste, but then again, the 34 Club is not in the business of ten-dollar artisanal cocktails. What makes Anita the best bartender in St. Louis is her confidence. She knows what kind of drink you should have, when you need more ice and when you need to be cut off. She knows when you should appreciate your boyfriend and when you should tell him to get lost. And you know what else? Anita is always right. (Follow the 34 on Facebook thisaway:

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