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Adam's Smokehouse

It can be tough being the baby of the family — always being compared to one's successful, impossibly awesome older siblings. But Adam's Smokehouse, the third in line in the Pappy's Smokehouse family, shows that it is up to the challenge. Adam's tender pulled pork, hearty ribs and savory brisket are every bit as good as those at Pappy's and Bogart's, but the fledgling restaurant's signature smoked salami is its calling card. The 70/30 blend of pork and beef is flecked with large crushed black peppercorns and mixed with an obscene amount of garlic. The key, one of the pit masters divulges, is that Adam's smokes the garlic before blending it with the meat, giving it a softer flavor and creamy texture that melds with the pork and beef. The salami is then smoked with fruitwood (usually apple, but sometimes cherry or peach), infusing the meat with subtle sweetness. With such a signature offering as this, Adam's proves that the baby brother can ably run with the big kids.

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