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(Tie) The Waiting Room and The Silver Ballroom

Staff Pick

The Silver Ballroom and its sister watering hole, the Waiting Room, are not fucking around when it comes to this COVID shit. Both beloved punk-rock-and-pinball bars have been steadfastly serious about adhering to health guidelines throughout the pandemic — that includes masks, distancing, reduced capacities and giving you the stanky boot right out the door if you choose to act like an ass about any of the above. But equally comforting in this nightmare of a year has been their enlightened view regarding our society’s ills, as evidenced by a post on social media from the owners in late June displaying support in no uncertain terms for women, the Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBTQIA+ community. “When we’re not busy spitting in the wind, our community spits in the face of oppression,” the post reads. “Our community believes in science. Our community stands up to bullies and tells Nazi Punks to Fuck Off.” Amen to that — and amen to those impossibly tasty Australian meat pies behind the bar. If you’re not able or yet willing to step foot in a bar during this pandemic, you should at least nab some half-bakes of those delicious bad boys at and to help keep the lights on. The good people who own both bars definitely have your back — now would be a great time for you to have theirs. — Daniel Hill

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