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Real bars are places grownups go to do grown-up things, like drink Manhattans out of appropriate stemware and buy cigars out of humidors. Real bars have handsome pool tables, stacks of matchbooks and ashtrays at the ready, and Jameson...on tap. Real bars don't serve food — you're a grownup, shoulda planned ahead — but a few cigarettes and the olives from your perfect dirty martini ought to hold you over. That bottle of Buffalo Trace you might otherwise buy on sale at Schnucks tastes better at a real bar, and the baseball game's more entertaining too. It's on, but it's not the center of attention. Your Scotch (served to you by a guy called Lucky who thoughtfully asks if you'd like a water back), however, is. Famous Bar is a real bar. With a deep lineup of classic and signature cocktails (try the bloody mary with quail egg), plenty of wines by the glass, and beers foreign and domestic, rest assured: You won't leave thirsty. St. Louis has plenty of places to get a drink but very few real bars. Famous Bar is one, and it's the best there is. 5213 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, 63109. 314-832-2211,
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