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Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Seemingly overnight, many cocktail-forward bars in the St. Louis area began offering "barrel-aged cocktails" on their menus. Everyone knows wine and brown liquors are aged in wooden casks, but cocktails? Turns out the same method that brings out complex flavors in those other spirits can add new dimension to pre-mixed drinks like the Manhattan, Vieux Carre, Negroni, even daiquiris. Over the course of several weeks, the drink takes on some of the flavor and color from the wooden cask, even more if it's been charred on the inside. You can find this trend at Cielo at the Four Seasons, Sanctuaria, Taste, Salt + Smoke — the list goes on. For an extra bit of fun and edification, order a barrel-aged cocktail alongside a freshly mixed one and try to suss out the differences. It's the classiest way to double-fist.

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