Best Bar/Nightclub

Blueberry Hill

It almost goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: There's just not a better place to hang out in St .Louis, for various and sundry reasons, than Blueberry Hill. But let's tick a few of them off: They've got great food, including world-class burgers; a wide array of beers; and ambiance -- in the form of bar owner Joe Edwards' lifelong obsession with collecting records, posters, comic books, satyr statues, you name it -- that's second to none. You can go there to play darts, pinball and video games; smoke a fine cigar; pump some quarters into the jukebox; or just wait around for Bob Costas to show up. Down in the Elvis Room, you can hear great local bands, whereas the Duck Room, arguably our town's finest small-sized music venue, presents terrific national acts and monthly gigs by St. Louis' own Chuck Berry. Full disclosure: Bar owner Joe Edwards is also the RFT's landlord, but he's not lording this decision over us. The Hill's reputation speaks for itself.
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