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Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery and Bierhall

Folks heading to Urban Chestnut should bring more than just their beer guts: The food at its Grove Brewery and Bierhall is just as good as the suds. For its massive operation in the Grove, owners Florian Kuplent (who's also the brewmaster) and David Wolfe wanted to create an updated version of the classic German bierhall. Setting the right scene — long wooden communal tables, a tasting bar and humongous fermentation tanks on full display — was the first part of the recipe. Putting together a food-service operation that would complement its beer was the second, crucial component. "Obviously, people come here, first and foremost, for the beer," chef Andy Fair acknowledges. "My job is to make the kind of food they want to eat with it." He nailed it. Urban Chestnut's Grove Brewery and Bierhall menu is filled with German classics like schnitzel, pork-knuckle sandwiches, a variety of sausages and Continental delicacies like beer-battered salt cod and pommes frites. The "Strammer Max" sandwich is the best thing on the menu. This hearty Black Forest ham, cheese and egg sandwich — like all of the bierhall's offerings — provides the perfect base for a day of beer drinking.

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