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It almost seems like an insult to call the food at Dressel's the Best bar food in St. Louis. Or a backhanded compliment, at least; bar food carries the connotation of something you might enjoy eating while you're getting drunk, but not so much otherwise. The food at Dressel's, on the other hand, is so amazing it almost seems a shame to drink, just in case you end up having a few too many and can't quite remember how amazing it all was the next morning. The pretzels are perhaps the pub's best-known menu item, having been named the Best in St. Louis by an extremely — ahem — prestigious publication in the past, but Bavarian baked delicacies are only the tip of the iceberg at Dressel's. The food is locally sourced whenever possible and the combinations mad-French-chef creative. Making specific recommendations is difficult because the menu changes with the seasons, taking full advantage of whatever bounty is currently the most, well, bountiful. Our recommendation: 1) Visit Dressel's. 2) Sit down. 3) Order a nice Chouffe Belgian IPA or the Gaslight Sazerac. 4) Point to literally anything on the menu. 5) Send us a thank-you card.

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