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Missouri Bar & Grill

It is easy to walk into the Mo Bar, a dilapidated establishment that the downtown-revitalization craze has so far overlooked, and start making fun of its patrons, at least in your head. There are ne'er-do-wells and crotchety chain smokers and myriad rundown-looking folks who do not give off the impression that life has treated them well. They are being treated very well, thank you; they are eating at Mo Bar, home of a simple but tasty hamburger (way better than the not-bad-at-all Steak n Shake burger), fantastic fried mushrooms and a gyro sandwich that -- seriously -- is one of the juiciest and most wonderful you'll ever have. The best part: Portions are not skimpy but prices are, with a grilled cheese sandwich clocking in at $2.50 and a T-bone dinner (with salad and a side order) running just $10.50. It won't be so bad if downtown dining never catches up to the residential-loft harvest, but it would be a shame if all the newcomers moving in never discover what awaits them at Mo Bar.
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