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Colorado Bob's Ship of Fools

Colorado Bob's Ship of Fools anchors the southern end of the Morgan Ford Business District, and so it's appropriate enough that the shipwrecked sailboat and wild elephant ears growing out front give whispers of what's just beyond: a bar worthy of Key West's Duval Street. Inside, a raucous group of regulars heartily greet newcomers to this cash-only booze cruise, while a haze of cigarette smoke hangs in the air like a fog that never fully lifts. It's an all-bottles, whatever-your-taste-is affair here — Pucker, Jim Beam, Skyy and the like — but the beer selection features local good guys like Urban Chestnut and Kräftig. The captain of this ship is, in fact, Colorado Bob, a real guy who ended up helming this south-city bar by way of Key West, and he can spin a yarn like Hemingway. (Who, coincidentally, was a friend of a friend. Ask him about Captain Tony.) Bob has a knack for remembering his customers, even if it's been far too long since they've climbed aboard his merry ship, as well as an endearing habit of making sure that his female patrons make it to their cars OK. A good captain, after all, puts his crew first, and Bob is this town's finest.

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