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34 Club

"Bar bar" is a term reserved for only the most revered watering holes, no-frills establishments where real drinkers go to drink — whether to drown their sorrows on a Tuesday afternoon or raise the roof on a Friday night. The Central West End's 34 Club is exactly that sort of place. The crowd includes every demographic, from homeless guys to slumming condo dwellers to Washington University med-school students. The main bartender, Sean, doubles as a foul-mouthed stand-up comedian, while the air quality is summed up by a hand-painted poster behind the bar that reads, "Non-smoking areas are unavailable!!!" The only food options: TJ's pizzas and bags of chips. (Surprisingly, they also have free Wi-Fi.) Every other Friday a girl sets up a keyboard in the corner and sings random ditties — the rest of the time one of those newfangled digital jukeboxes supplies the soundtrack. It's the kind of bar where there's something for everyone — especially people with an appreciation for booze.

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