Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months


Allow us one last look back at a band unlike any we'll ever see again. Theodore was tearing apart at the seams long before its actual demise, and the result was a series of shows no attendee will soon forget. Justin Kinkel-Schuster remains a singular voice, both with his lungs and with his pen, and he was backed by as powerful a trio of musicians as this city has to offer in Sam Meyer, JJ Hamon and Andy Lashier. Their last permanent record is a track on the Tower Groove compilation, and it is almost painful to hear what might have been coming next. Take solace in the fact that none of the musicians involved have hung up their instruments — Kinkel-Schuster is wandering around the country with his Water Liars project, and the rest of the group has emerged, snarling and grinning, as Demonlover.

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