Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months

The 75s

When the 75s bounced onto the scene in 2007, it was a pleasant anomaly indeed: a three-piece explicitly inspired by 1990s West Coast indie pop, especially the Aislers Set and Sacramento's legendary Tiger Trap. Laurel Mydock, a chemistry student by day, sang such bittersweet songs as "'I Wanna Kill My Boyfriend" and "Oh Tommy O." while drummer Scott Lasser and bassist Morgan Nusbaum churned out simple but powerful backup. Other than Bunnygrunt, it was hard to think of another local band mining the same territory. The group stayed together long enough to release one album, Extra Fancy, and two EPs, Basement Tapes and Stereo. Despite some out-of-town coverage, the 75s never toured beyond Kansas City and broke up last summer without acrimony (Lasser and Mydock are now married), but with a nagging sense of incompleteness. We'll never know the band's full potential.

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