Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months

Target Market

As mastermind of the recently disbanded group Target Market, Nathan Bernaix yelped, crooned and whammy-barred his way through multiple stylistic evolutions and member rosters. Not only did the shifting nature of the band document the changes in Bernaix's personal record collection, but each cocoon-to-butterfly transformation injected a newfound energy into the St. Louis community. When locals Sullen disbanded in the early 2000s, the Nirvana-loving, fuzzy power trio incarnation of Target Market was there to supplement our city's grunge revivalism quota. When mid-aughts rock shows became sweaty dance parties, the spiky post-punk edition of Target Market was there to spur on the cacophonous convulsions. And at the close of the decade, the final Thin Lizzy-meets-Pavement guitar-god quartet lineup of Target Market was there to help the world fall back in love with sweet riffs. As we eulogize this chameleonic band, please note its passing is not a tragic one; Bernaix now applies his talents to So Many Dynamos, and the other members of team Target Market, now pursuing their non-musical interests, can take pride in one spectacular back catalog.

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