Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months

Ghost in Light

Ghost in Light never followed prevailing musical trends — or really even cared (or knew) what those trends were. What the band brought to the St. Louis music scene was honesty, a staunch commitment to emotional authenticity and musical experimentation. 2007's After Fox Meadow (and the released-for-free follow-up EP, Window Shade Reminder) echoed the instrumental swells of Explosions in the Sky, Hum's post-rock guitar dynamics and the watery shoegaze textures of Red House Painters. But Ghost in Light excelled at expressing the quiet thoughts that emerge only in solitude — that broken heart, that lonely midnight, that pang of romantic longing, that moment of beatific happiness. Above all the band understood that sometimes space and silence speak louder — and linger longer — than any amount of noise.

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