Best Band to Die in the Past 12 Months

The Reactions

The curse of the RFT music awards strikes again! The teenage striped shirt-wearing trio the Reactions won in the Best Garage category and almost immediately thereafter went their separate ways, citing "creative differences." Unlike most breakups attributed to that hackneyed excuse, however, this one actually seems to involve creative differences. In any case, St. Louis has experienced another band casualty. According to reports, the rhythm section wanted to go in a Van Morrison-esque direction and the guitarist wanted to play a little louder and meaner. Whereas this dichotomy might have made for interesting music, they chose to end it altogether. Now that these floppy-haired moppets have taken the last train to Splitsville, who knows what their future holds? If they can avoid the pitfalls of later puberty, they should all do pretty well for themselves.
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