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The line wrapped around Pint Size Bakery on any given Saturday morning may give the uninitiated pause: Is the salted-caramel croissant really worth it? That depends. Were you planning on finding a cure for cancer that morning? Solving world hunger? If not, there probably is no better use of the day than stuffing your face with one of Christy Augustin's signature butter-drenched treats. And don't worry if they sell out before you make it to the front of the line. Augustin has plenty more to choose from — buttercream-topped cupcakes, sweet and savory scones, or "Brown Shuga" crumb cakes filled with seasonal fruit. If there's any reason to get out of your pajamas on a Saturday morning, Pint Size is it. 3825 Watson Road, St. Louis, 63109. 314-645-7142,
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