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McArthur's Bakery

Rationalize it with a sandwich first -- on French bread -- then sink into the tiramisu or the famous strawberry whipped-cream cake or the blanc et noire chocolate mousse or, best of all, the layered chocolate, raspberry marmalade and ganache of the treasure truffle torte. McArthur's may have Scottish blood in its distant past, but the head baker trained under a French pastry chef, and he passes that light, rich touch on to the other mixers, bakers, icers, decorators and setup staff. The Scots influence shows up in pure efficiency: In one sticky-sweet weekend, the bakery turned out 90 wedding cakes. Couples who want to eat their wedding cake and enjoy it, too, have turned to McArthur's for 46 years, calling from as far as Bonne Terre, Missouri. The cupcake-cake holds the record, no doubt soon to be broken, for extremities of gratified desire: McArthur's staffers delivered three cabinets full of cupcakes, with maybe twenty trays in each; the consequent tree stood more than six feet tall, an exquisite iced flower blossoming atop each cupcake.
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