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The Bagel Factory

We worried in 2011 that the Pratzel's dynasty was over. Turns out we were right to fret. Though Jon Mills managed to resuscitate the area's only kosher bakery (much to his credit), the life-support span didn't last through 2012. One might argue that Pratzel's demise earlier this month was good news for multiyear "Best of St. Louis" honoree the Bagel Factory. We think the expert bagel boilers and bakers at the Creve Coeur-based Factory would be the first to differ. (Wasn't it Warren Buffett who said, "Competition makes for better bagels"?) As fortunate as we are to still have the Bagel Factory to count on for our lox-and-a-schmear vehicle, in this bagel-deprived Midwestern wilderness, to lose a decent bagelry is to be diminished as a community. All hail the Bagel Factory for keeping the oven lit, but let us all pause for a moment to acknowledge — sorry, there's no other word for it...the hole Pratzel's has just left.

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