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The Bagel Factory

"Oh," a New Yorker might say, "you're just a bunch of Midwestern goyim -- what do you know from good bagels?" A lot, actually, you self-obsessed smartypants, you. We know that in order to impart that distinctive thick and shiny crust, bagels must be boiled before they're baked. We know that bagels must not contain chocolate chips or jalapeños or, God forbid, spinach. (Anyone with a keyboard can throw around the word "schmear.") And we know what it's like to yearn for a quality bagel, so much that we'll schlep to Creve Coeur to get our fix at the Bagel Factory. It's an unassuming place with an unassuming name with an unassuming selection of flavors (poppy seed, sesame seed, garlic, egg, salt), but they do their bagels right. And it's a lot closer than New York.

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