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Black Bear Bakery

A good bagel is like a New Yorker: thick-skinned, but with a soft, yielding interior that explains a tendency to consistently vote Democrat in presidential elections. A good bagel is no-nonsense. It doesn't need any of those froufrou streusel toppings, cloyingly sweet chocolate chips or seasonal variants that are a desperate cry for attention; a good bagel is like a worn leather jacket, a pair of Converse All Stars, the perfect pair of jeans. Until recently a good bagel was hard to find in St. Louis, like a post-collegiate New Yorker. Thankfully, Black Bear Bakery has stepped into the ring recently with a revamped bagel. It is boiled, as any good bagel should be, and it comes in only three varieties: plain, poppy seed and sesame. Because a good bagel doesn't steal the limelight, it supports your creativity in toppings. So throw all you've got at this bagel — it can take it.

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