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Bagels must be big; it's one of the rules. Here's a quick test: if you think a bagel is kind of big, then it isn't big. Likewise, a bagel must be dense without being heavy, and chewy without being sticky. You must have stamina to eat it, but not get tired. Companion Baking, in operation since 1993, understands the fine line a bagel must tread, and understands that it can rightly name its brand "Sophie's New York Bagels" even if we're in the Midwest. A Companion bagel's outside crisps flawlessly while maintaining the softness of its innards. It won't wither or shrink under the most aggressive cream-cheese knife. It maintains its tensile strength when covered with the juiciest of tomatoes. In short, a Companion bagel won't let you down. Ah, but where can one find this circular masterpiece, this boiled-bread breakfast of champions? Many, many restaurants and stores in the city and surrounding areas: check out www. or visit the Bakehouse listed here (two additional locations are expected to open this fall).
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