Best Bagels (Midwest-style)

St. Louis Bread Company

We're all too aware of the fact that bagel preparations and preferences in the Midwest aren't kosher, literally or figuratively. How we like 'em -- with a softer, more cakelike inside, and disguised as desserts like chocolate chip and cinnamon crunch -- is downright blasphemous to purists. We prefer to pat ourselves on the back for thinking outside the bagel hole. But to give the devil his due, St. Louis Bread Company is paradise. Available in about a dozen different flavors daily (including dutch apple-and raisin, French toast and specials like mochachip swirl), Bread Co. bagels probably contribute heavily to St. Louis' bottom-of-the-gutter ranking in all those nationwide health polls. But considering how unorthodox our bagels are, God's going to smite us anyway, right?
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