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Cotton Babies

If you are not overwhelmed (OK, terrified) at the concept of having your first baby, have someone check your pulse to make sure you're alive. Walking into a baby superstore does not help the situation. With so many products to choose from, how can the expectant parent zero in on what to get? That's why it's so nice to walk into a store such as Cotton Babies. A staff member will happily give you a tour, which thankfully won't cause a third-trimester mom-to-be to run short of breath. You'll be introduced to a wide array of strollers, clothes, carriers, diapers, bottles, pumps and more. True to its name, Cotton Babies does have a bit of an agenda: The store makes and sells its own brand of cloth diapers. But you'll be surprised how nonthreatening they make cloth sound — these ain't your parents' stick-a-pin-in-and-pray-you-don't-draw-blood diapers, and you can even get flushable liners. Cotton Babies offers classes for parents-to-be and newbie moms and/or dads and can accommodate a baby registry. (Maybe Aunt Millie'll spring for one of those sweet Bugaboo strollers!)

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