Best Baby Store

Babies "R" Us

A registry and lots of things to register for -- that seems to be the number-one criterion for expectant parents, especially if the baby will be their first. The store that lots of anxious moms and dads turn to is Babies "R" Us. Like multiple infants coaxed from the same womb through the wonder of fertility drugs, the 183 Babies "R" Us stores around the nation all sprang from the Toys "R" Us corporate parent. That means frazzled new or soon-to-be-new parents can register in St. Louis and single Aunt Susie living large in LA can pick up a baby gift in Van Nuys. Or if she's allergic to small humans who cry, eat and load the Huggies, there's always the online alternative. With a point, a click and a credit card, Aunt Susie can send a Diaper Genie to your front door with a card that says, "I'm glad it's you and not me."
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