Best Athlete's Butt

Jon Jay

Jon Jay is the Jennifer Lopez of St. Louis sports, at least in one very important way. You look at the rest of him, and he's an OK looking cat. Not bad, not drop-dead handsome. An average-ish sort of guy. But there's one part of Jon Jay that's nowhere near average. The man has a trunk so superbly stuffed, so completely crammed with junk that we can't even figure out how he found baseball pants to fit it right. Mos Def said it best: "Ass so fat that you could see it from the front." Oh, how right Mr. Def was. Jay may be best known for his bat waggle at the plate, but it's another waggle entirely that tends to grab our attention. Now, if he would only take our advice and change his walkup music to a little Sir Mix-a-Lot.

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