Best Asian-Video Selection

Din-Ho Market

There's plenty to compete for your attention at Din-Ho Market, but in the interest of making the most of your entertainment dollar, you would do well to focus on the videotapes that line every available inch of wall space. What impresses, ultimately, is not the depth of their selection -- though who else in town would carry every entry in the Raped by an Angel series? -- but the breadth. Bracketed by the ubiquitous hand-labeled soap-opera bootlegs at one end of the spectrum and considerably headier entertainments such as The Taste of Vagina's Pleat and Mouthful Charge of Obscenity at the other, is a fine, eclectic selection. There are a few Hentai titles (splatter anime with penis-tentacled demons and hardcore, hairless sex), plenty of girls with guns and a growing section of Asian-marketed U.S. productions, providing a valuable index to Jim Belushi's post K-9 career. The real meat, though, is the best collection of Category III videos in town. Limiting legal viewership to those over 18, Category III status falls somewhere between a rating classification and a genre, encouraging Hong Kong auteurs to wax outrageous. Din-Ho carries a good stock of Category III "classics" like Dr. Lamb and Ebola Syndrome but is surely larded with undiscovered treats. Somewhere on those walls are The Demon Wet Nurse I and II.
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