Best Asian Market

Seafood City

This market bears less resemblance to a city than it does to a food carnival. The sheer volume and variety of products is mind-blowing — there's no other word for it. More than a dozen kinds of tofu. An entire aisle dedicated to the ramen noodle. Obscure Asian greens and enough sacks of rice to dam up a leaky levee. The real attraction, however, is (you guessed it) the seafood section. Hankering for whole squid? No problem — will that be small, medium or jumbo? Ice tables are piled high with whole and variously hacked and carved fish steaks or heaped with fresh oysters and shrimp. Behind the counter more exotic fare swim in huge tanks. So you can bring the kids for a City Museum-like experience, pick up that Lee Kum Kee XO sauce you've been looking for and stock on those less exotic products — soda, beer, chips. You know, groceries.

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