Best Asian Market

Olive Farmers' Market

Don't let the tame name and kelly-green awnings fool you. Olive Farmers' Market is a wonderland, everything you hope for when you consider the ideal Asian market: vaguely industrial vibe, brightly packaged foods that are unrecognizable as anything edible, Pocky galore, a ramen selection so large as to almost cause psychological distress (a whole aisle! Have you ever?). And where else would you find 99-cent sushi mats helpfully labeled "Create Birthday Roll Explosion!"? Beyond the novelty of mysteriously packaged foods (why did they decide that a goat riding on the back of a dragon was the best way to represent this gummy candy?), the store carries a decent selection of cookware, from pots and pans to woks and steamers, making it a true one-stop shop for all your dinner needs, with the added bonus of being able to pick up dried fish skin in bulk quantities.

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