Best Asian Market

Seafood City

Unless you have a passing knowledge of how to read Chinese, Thai or Korean, your typical Asian market can be a tad intimidating. In this respect, Seafood City is no different: It has aisle after aisle of jars filled with slightly menacing pastes cryptically labeled with names like "Sauteed Shrimp Fry." Then there are the vegetables — leafy, bulbous and other — none marked; many would give The Little Shop of Horrors' Audrey II reason to worry. But that's part of the fun! Fill your cart with unknowns and see what happens when you get home. For the less adventurous, Seafood City also offers a good selection of (Western) garden-variety vegetables at rock-bottom prices. The shop's many aquariums overflow with live fish, and you can even find the occasional live frog to fry up into a delicious grenouille à la provenale — and you don't need to speak Chinese to know that that's good eatin'.
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