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Central Trading Company

Shopping list, September 28, 2005: DON'T FORGET TO P/U LAUNDRY AND D/O DVD! P/U FR CENTRAL TRADING CO.: Hello Soda cookies, Taiwan Good Taste biscuits, fried paste (2 bags), choco banana Pocky (2 packs), jar o/ The Biggest Plum King, little ink fish, cuttlefish, peeled squid in a can, young coconut juice with jelly (2 cans), hamburger haws (ingredients: haw, sugar), grassy jelly drink, coconut Pocky, hsin hsin snacks, Telephone brand agar agar powder, Want Want shelly senbei rice crackers, Kung Fu vegetarian flavour, milk Pocky, Mr. Brown iced coffee, Pretz roast. Don't forget squid nuggets. & HONEY, GO HERE BEFORE WHOLE FOODS: The broccoli is beautiful -- and half the price. Also bulk tofu, edamame, fresh water chestnuts, bok choy, prawns, squid, pork intestines (yr fave!), rice wine vinegar for the salad. LOVE YOU!
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