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Sarah Bryan Miller on the sale of KFUO (Classic 99)

Good reporting tells you the facts of a situation; great reporting tells you something about the world. Sarah Bryan Miller's long series documenting the sale and resulting format change of KFUO (99.1 FM) related all the necessary facts and figures from the business end, but it also documented the human element of the story, both within the station and in the larger music community. Her obvious love for the music the station played informed her writing, but she hewed to a careful course of "artistic advocate," let's say, championing the station's importance to the city as a whole rather than turning it into a personal crusade to save it. Miller's professionalism and her assiduous reporting occasionally hinted that this was more than just another story, but she never crossed the line. Her Culture Club blog became the primary source for information regarding the sale and, just as fascinatingly, an online gathering place for fans of the station. St. Louis may not have a reputation as the most cultured city, but Miller's Classic 99 coverage revealed that we probably should.

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