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Sometimes appearances do lie. You may look like a dull old cubicle jockey, but inside you are an artist! If Picasso had been forced to work exclusively in PowerPoint, he woulda been no great shakes, either. So you head out to Artmart, with its endless rows of brushes and canvases and tubes of paint and helpful salespeople who can explain the difference between cadmium red and alizarin crimson. But, oh, look, there are comic-book boards! And a tie-dye kit! (Varicolored socks are an excellent way to display your artistic vision.) Perhaps your true medium is scrapbooking? Or gift-wrapping? Or acrylic gel transfer? The Artmart staff does do free demonstrations and hand out helpful how-to guides.... With the area's widest selection of the finest art supplies to choose from, you know you'd be a genius at whatever you took up. But what to try first? It's such a conundrum. Perhaps you'd better retreat to the book section and curl up in one of the big, comfy leather chairs and take stock before you commit. Your newly purchased Moleskine notebook displays your seriousness of purpose. But which of the hundreds of pens is worthy of recording your noble thoughts? Good Lord, you're going to be here all day.

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