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Red Lead PaperWorks

Some people, especially starving artists, would argue that the best place to buy art supplies is the cheapest place to buy art supplies, and that would be located far from Earth, online. But we argue that the best place to buy art supplies is the liveliest place — one that rouses us to make art. So instead of out into cyberspace, we're sending you to a modest strip mall on Manchester Road, where Red Lead peddles its charms and papers and glitters and stamps. You know you, too, could create the richly layered Artist Trading Cards displayed inside, if you only had the time and the right ingredients. A collage of right ingredients is all around you, carefully culled by artists/sisters/co-owners/pals Sharon and Chris. Time is your own problem. Though if the priceless inspiration of this wonderland can't make you take back a few hours for art's sake, you need either electroshock treatments or a new job.

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