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You're feeling surly about W.'s wars. You've got a hankering to indulge your inner Otto Dix and show folks the brutality of it all. Alas, you're out of phthalo green to create that perfect putrescence effect. And some alizarin crimson sure would help bloody things up. Of course, Otto, you could run to one of those hobby-shop chains -- many stock oil paints and other supplies. But you're a great artist, so you jump on your scooter and race to Artmart, where you know you'll find what you need. Once you step inside, it'll be hard to stay surly; for artists and would-be artists, Artmart is the ultimate candy store, offering a mind-numbing selection. We counted more than three dozen straight-edges and T-squares. We couldn't count high enough to take inventory of the canvases, sketch pads, paints, pens, pencils and brushes. Plus, we got distracted: Artmart also has a large section devoted to kids, where we dawdled around the finger paints, stickers, hobby kits, paint-by-number sets and the Kooky Krayon Machine. Keep in mind, Otto, that when your masterpiece is complete, Artmart offers a framing department and a large selection of pre-cut frames. And if you're a student, you qualify for a discount.
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